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Grand opening of the International Universiade 2013

Saturday, the 6th of July, the grand opening of the International Universiade took place in the “Kazan-Arena”. This event attracted about 45 thousand spectators. It was an amazing performance that fully unveiled the hospitality of this city.

In the end of the first part of the performance devoted to the history of Kazan the inflatable Syuyumbike tower of 15 meters high that was produced by “Aerodinamika” gorgeously emerged in the center of the stage.

After the show up of the teams of all countries-participants of the Universiade, started the main performance “Reflecton”, taking you to the world creation times. This is the mythological story narrated with the help of dancers and circus gymnasts, showing the atmosphere of famous and so dear fairytales of Pushkin and Ershov. At the curved seashore there is a green oak, symbolizing the world tree surrounded by the spirits of nature. We have produced the trunk of this tree of 5 meters high up to the top.

In the end of the performance appeared the Magic sphere 9 meters in diameter with a complex inner structure, made of transparent material with internal laser projection that symbolized the portal to the souls of our descendants.


Inflatable replica of Syuyumbike tower of 15 meters highThe tower rose right from the stageThe tree trunk is inflatable structure of 5 meters highThe mystery tree is the symbol of LifeThe appearance of a magic ball with a diameter of 9 metersA laser projection system is inside the ball