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How Angry Birds saved the New Year

From December 27 to January 8, the New Year show premiere “Angry Birds: saving the New Year”, based on the cartoon “Angry Birds in Cinema”, was held on the Loft Hall territory.

For the performance we have designed and produced inflatable suits of all the main characters from the cartoon:

  • Inflatable fur suits of Red, Matilda, Chaka, Bombs;
  • Inflatable suits of Pigs with 100% printing.

Inside the costumes artists worked throughout the show and even danced in it!

Also We made inflatable decorations to adorn the amusement park:

  • Inflatable Red 5 meters high, greeted guests on the roof of the building;
  • Inflatable slingshot 6 meters high.

And of course the inflatable interactive balls that entertained the children during the performance.