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Inflatable winter town at VDNKh

On December the 1-st, the ceremonial opening of the “Flower Garden” and “Rocket” skating rinks at VDNKh in Moscow took place. For the “Rocket” skating rink, we installed inflatable planets. Last year, the huge planets received a positive response and created a big stir, so it was decided to repeat the project. We are certainly glad that our inflatable planets won the hearts of the rink guests.

For the “Flower Garden” rink it was developed an absolutely fabulous design concept. We, together with our partners of props, fully implemented this idea: inflatable Orbs of silver fabric with a diameter of 5 meters, colorfully shimmer during the day from the sun, and in the evening from the site lighting. Inflatable transparent balls from 5 to 9 meters live harmoniously with Christmas decorations inside, which creates the effect of a snowglobes.

For activities on the rink, we made bright interactive inflatable balls from 1.5 to 2 meters, which allows animators to enthrall people with the game while riding on the rink.