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Magic costumes for “The Magic Flute”

The premiere series of the Magic Flute opera by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart began on November 14 at the “Helikon-Opera” Moscow Musical Theater. We have realized the sketches and ideas of costume designer Sasha Frolova and are extremely happy about this collaboration!

“Aerodinamika” made inflatable transparent costumes: an elephant, a giraffe, a crocodile and an eagle. The texture of transparent costumes is perfectly emphasized by stage light, and thanks to the work of artists, they come to life in front of the audience.

Our experts have implemented the costumes of the Clouds – children perform operas in the “clouds”. Thanks to the light weight, it is absolutely not difficult for children to walk and be in them.

We also made an airtight figure “Flamingo”, which passes through the whole scene, and inflatable “Tentacles” emerge from the “kiosk” during the performance of the aria of the Queen of Night.